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However functional your website is, how it looks at first glance influences a visitors view of your company, its products and services. By giving your customers the information they're looking for as quickly and simply as possible, we'll create a website that will maximise your sales potential.

A Random ImageFrom simple websites to full e-commerce; acclaimed e-learning to complex web business tools - NETWISE have the solutions to make your business work on the web. NETWISE is your one stop for all web services providing effective and affordable web and email business answers.

Netwise has the experience and expertise to deliver and exceed expectations.

The company has won various design awards including the prestigious Website of the Month from Italia magazine for the Orchard Ovens design.

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Web design is a complex process that requires a wide range of creative, business and technical skills. Good design must compellingly communicate key marketing messages and well as providing simple intuitive navigation. The design also lays down a sequence of “calls to action” designed to engage and facilitate the business process.

Increasingly, web design relies on meeting a large number of technical and engineering requirements. Accessibility is now a legal requirement requiring adherence to standards such as 508. Equally, meeting international standards such as those for XHTML are implicit within every project. Search Engine Optimisation is not simply an add-on to web design but must be an integral part of any solution in order to gain new website visitors and customers.

The field of web design has changed rapidly over the last few years and the NETWISE design team has been at the heart of many of these innovations. Eye movement studies and usability testing repeatedly confirms the top-left / bottom right ordering rules for the relative importance of information and the communication of marketing messages. The development and testing of different approaches to website navigation have done much to help make NETWISE websites simple and intuitive to use.

NETWISE has also pioneered the use of “need to know” design where content and information is only provided as required when directing a website user through to a particular goal, sale or call to action.

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