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NETWISE is an International business and maintains hosting infrastructure in the UK, Spain and the US. These different geo-locations not only provide the company with robustness, they also allow us to undertake intercontinental backup of data. This is important for clients whose data is business critical.

In addition to hosting in different countries, NETWISE also maintains servers that are either Windows-based or Linux based. Whatever your software requirements, NETWISE will have a hosting solution designed to fit your application needs.

NETWISE hosts large numbers of websites for a wide range of clients. Whilst some clients require load-balanced multi-processor machines in special configurations, smaller applications can run quite happily on premium shared servers. There is no point in buying more server performance that you require. NETWISE allows your hosting requirements to evolve as your online business grows.

The NETWISE server network is maintained by a dedicated and responsive group of engineers and technicians. Unlike many hosting companies, we can even be contacted directly by phone.

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