How do I make my Nitro car faster?

The simple answer is to install a faster engine, bigger clutch bell or a two-speed transmission or/and a tuned pipe and header set, also ensure that your cars transmission is operating smoothly. This is the easy answer if all you want to do is drag race or go fast in a straight line. If you race on a road course track, you will have to learn how to tune the car to handle turns better so you can get more laps during a heat or main event. A car that corners faster goes down the straights faster also due to the momentum carried.

Just remember that a faster car is not always better, however a car that is more controllable is more desirable. See attachments for images.

How do i run in an engine properly?

Every HPI Nitro car comes with comprehensive engine tuning and running in instructions. Please use them, they were written after tens of man hours testing. We can’t give any better advice than that. If you have lost your instructions go to the link below.

Why does my car pickup/accelerate slowly when it has been running?

The engine is running too lean, turn the needle valve anti-clockwise a couple of clicks and leave engine to cool.

What setup should I use?

The "right" setup is entirely dependent on what you are doing with the car. If you are only running in your parking lot or driveway, a higher ride height than what is specified in the kit manual may be best. This would allow you to drive over pebbles and cracks in the road.

Which car would you recommend for a beginner?

To answer that question you need to be honest with yourself about what you require from your R/C experience. If you just want a bit of fun bashing around your yard and are not sure about R/C as a long term hobby then the HPI Dash makes perfect sense. The Dash is fully assembled, painted and all that it requires is the included batteries charging with the included battery charger. The HPI Dash is not intended as a race car. If you want to start racing at your local racing club then the HPI Sprint makes a very strong case for it's self. The Sprint is a simple and incredibly robust beginner car with exceptional race performance given its humble price. If running around on grass in parks or driving anywhere is your scene then the HPI Rush EVO is an excellent car with its superb Nitro performance and go anywhere capabilities. Why not take a visit to your local hobby shop and have a chat with the owner about the facilities and competitions in your area?

What type of fuel should I use in my HPI nitro car?

The type of fuel to be used will depend on the engine fitted to the car.

I would recommend that a good quality fuel containing 16-20% nitro should be used in a .15 or .18 engine

I would recommend that a good quality fuel containing 20-25% nitro should be used in a .21 or .25 engine

How does radio control work?

To operate a radio controlled model car you hold in your hands a small hand held radio transmitter. Usually this transmitter will have 2 functions or "channels". One function is for the throttle and brake and the other is for the steering. The transmitter sends its signal to a the car where the signal is processed by the "receiver". The receiver then passes the signal on to the 2 servo's (or 1 servo and speed controller in an electric car). One servo operates the steering and the other servo operates the throttle and brake (in an electric car an electronic speed controller operates the throttle and brake). A servo is a small mechanical device fitted with a high power electric motor. A servo converts electrical impulses into mechanical movement.

What is the maximum range of a radio control car from its transmitter?

If the model car you are operating has fully charged/new transmitter/receiver batteries installed, and the radio equipment has been installed to guidelines given by the radio manufacturer, then usually a model car will stay in control for 150-300 metres.

If the model is operating with batteries that are partly discharged and/or the radio is not installed to manufactures specifications then that distance will be greatly reduced.


I recently purchased a HPI kit and one part is faulty, what can I do?

HPI products represent the best quality and value in the market place, faults are extremely rare. If you have a faulty part from new, return it to the shop where you bought the car from or to distributor in your country, with a copy of your proof of purchase and a replacement will be despatched immediately.

How should I maintain my car?

You can find many tips on maintenance and cleaning in our Maintenance page, which answers questions for both electric and Nitro car owners. Also, see our Links page for R/C magazine websites around the world. All of the major magazines have up-to-date web sites that have articls on maintenance, setups and more.

How long does a nitro car run for on a full tank of fuel?

Depending on what car you have depends on how long the tank lasts, but as a guide nitro cars usually run for approximately 6-8 mins on a tank of fuel.

The good thing with nitro cars is that you can refuel while the engine is still running & keep driving.
The best technique is show on the DVD which comes with the car.



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