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It is our policy to produce a branding guidelines document for all of our clients to ensure that their logos are uniform across all platforms.

When a corporate identity is presented consistently, you create a positive and lasting impression of the company. The value of a brand symbol (logo and corporate identity) is immeasurable. Its value increases each time it is presented properly and decreases with every incorrect or improper application. Our guidelines ensure that all graphics, fonts and colours (for both print and screen) are reproduced perfectly every time.

Branding guidelines are also legal documents outlining the ownership and copyright holders of the logo and corporate identity.

Creative design flair balanced by a professional and mature understanding of marketing expressed through state-of-the-art technology. This is what NETWISE web design is all about. As in any field or profession, experience counts. Since 1996, the NETWISE design team has won a steady stream of accolades, awards and a long list of sparkling testimonials from our customers.

Branding is usually the starting point for any design project. Creating a clear and definitive top copy of corporate branding ensures that all marketing materials, including websites, all share exactly the same styling, appearance and image. These branding guidelines clearly define how colours can be used, accents be applied, styles harmonised, font-use made consistent and even how key marketing messages or straplines are to be used for best impact.


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