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IT systems & services

Technical Training

Technology is ever changing and with change comes a certain degree of uncertainty, and with our intimate knowledge of MCW Group's technical training courses netwise aims to take away the fear of the new and allow you and your staff to take full control of your IT infrastructure. We know that as a Microsoft Certified Partner all MCW Group's courses are run by fully qualified instructors. As well as being a recognised European Computer Driving License (ECDL) Accredited test centre you know that we can direct you on your way for all your technical training needs.


IT Consultancy

With any IT problem comes a solution. That's where IT Consultancy comes into play. If you have any sort of dilemma, such as you want to take full control of your email but don't know how, then netwise has the contacts for you. MCW group specialise in IT Consultancy, this coupled with their expertise in PC Sales allows them to find the most cost effective IT infrastructure solution to maximise the productivity of your business.


PC Sales

Whether your looking for a single desktop or to replace your entire IT infrastructure including the PCs our PC Sales team are continually receiving internal and external training to ensure they all have up to date knowledge of, and are at the cutting edge of information technology and PC sales. By considering your specific needs our PC Sales team will be able to specify hardware to meet your requirements.


PC Software Licenses

Within an ever developing software market we are perfectly placed to either replace or update your current PC software licenses. Our experience in providing software from many different software manufactures enables us to identify the most suitable and up to date solution for your business.


IT Infrastructure and Network Solutions

Any company that is reliant on or simply uses IT on a daily basis can find that an ill-conceived IT infrastructure can severally impact on a company's efficiency and ability to out perform it's competitors. By utilising our partnership and the knowledge and experience in offering solid and reliable IT infrastructure and network solutions for small and large enterprises, we can design and deliver a bespoke IT infrastructure and network solution matched to your individual requirements.


Partnered with MCW Group, netwise's IT Infrastructure and Network Solutions and other services offered are:

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