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domain registration

A domain is your online brand. It identifies you and provides a unique way of identifying you. For any company that trades internationally, the .com should become the focus for your online branding and marketing through the web or email.

For companies that trade in specific territories, it is helpful to supplement the core .com domain with national extensions such as, .fr, .de, .cn, .jp, etc. This is not only important to demonstrate that you have a particular interest in that territory, it will also help with performance on local or national search engines.

Another use for different domain names is that they can be used for performance measurement against individual marketing campaigns. A .tv extension can be used to drive traffic from a television advert; a .fm from a radio campaign. With each domain being an easy to remember channel, you have a ready made network for measuring Return On Investment (ROI) for different marketing campaigns.

Many companies use multiple domains for different parts of the business such as individual products or services. For certain markets, keyword-loaded domains can be a significant advantage. NETWISE provides customers with a domain dashboard where they can check items such as domain owners (registrants), registration due dates, website availability and performance and links.

NETWISE has a number of tools and systems that can assist a client to identify available candidate online brands for a business. If you are looking for a domain name for an existing or new business, Contact NETWISE for assistance.

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